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Project Description

Spanish Corn Fritters topped with Smashed Avo and Hollandaise

Corn Fritters

Spanish fever is on the menu with this crunchy fritter and smashed avo number.
Thank you, Unilever!


  • 250g Self-Raising Flour
  • 4 x Eggs
  • 100ml of Milk 
  • 5g Salt
  • 5g Pepper
  • 600g Corn kernels, drained
  • 40g Chives, chopped
  • 3 x Spanish Chorizo, finely diced
  • 100g Fetta, crumbled
  • 4 x Avocado, ripe
  • 20g Lime Power
  • 1 l KNORR Garde d’Or Hollandaise Sauce 1 L
  • 500ml Tomato Chilli Relish


  1. Sieve flour into a bowl.
  2.  Crack eggs into a separate bowl and whisk in milk salt and pepper.
  3. Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in milk, mix. Fold to combine. (Do not overwork.)
  4. Fold in the corn, chives, chorizo, and fetta. Set aside until pan is ready.
  5. Harvest the flesh from the avocado and sprinkle with Lime Powder. Use a fork so smash the flesh until desired.
  6. Place KNORR Garde d’Or Hollandaise Sauce into a pot and heat slowly stirring occasionally.
  7. Take a pan and heat over medium flame.
  8. Lightly oil the pan and spoon fritter mix into the pan, allow to brown one side and then flip to cook other.
  9. Remove and serve.

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