Spring Market Review

2020 Spring Market Review

What’s going on in the food service industry and what does it mean for your business?

Aside from the usual and expected seasonal changes, COVID-19 is affecting the food service industry and could be for quite some time. We, Daily Fresh Food Service, are remaining positive as we work closely with our suppliers to ensure we can continue to provide and maintain consistency, our high level of service and normality for our customers.


Beef supply has been tight at the beginning of the year. The numerous natural disasters have taken their toll on everyone, not just the cattle farmers. Then an unknown challenge was thrown in, COVID-19. As state governments ease restrictions on the hospitality industry, demand for beef has increased. Suppliers are hoping with the improved seasonal relief and assistance, feeding costs will improve the overall quality, conditions and begin to increase supply.


Lamb has seen similar fluctuations across prime lamb supplying pastoral areas in NSW, VIC and SA with years of drought impacting supply. Recently expected seasonal increases of up to 22% have occurred.


Demand for pork has continued to rise with impacts of the overseas Swine Flu. Pork produce has seen price rises as other meat products have been limited or unaffordable.


The bird shortage continues increasing the price of poultry. Suppliers are hopeful the situation will soon stabilise with the new season.


International trade restrictions have caused limitations on seafood imports however prices haven’t been affected drastically. Smaller exporters have been supporting increasing demand although are raising their prices.